Firm Profile

(re)work is an architecture and interior design firm located in Philadelphia, PA.  The firm was founded by Eric Heidel, RA and Sary Em in 2010.  We are a boutique design firm that is committed to close collaboration with our clients to create thoughtful solutions to their design dilemmas. We work with residential and commercial clients on a variety of renovation, adaptive reuse, and new construction projects. 

Living and working in Philadelphia has allowed us to become familiar with the challenges of working with the city’s aging building stock and its compact urban sites.  We are committed to reusing the city’s vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and historic row houses and recreating them to serve the needs of our clients. Our experience and creativity gives us the vision to transform our client’s projects into well-designed modern buildings and spaces.


Eric Heidel, RA

Eric Heidel, RA is a graduate of Drexel University with over 15 years of professional experience.  He has worked with a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional clients ranging from non-profits to high end retailers and homeowners to major universities.  Eric is a talented and thoughtful designer who excels at solving difficult problems.


Sary Em

Sary Em studied both architecture and interior design at Drexel University and has over 10 years of professional experience.  She has designed interiors for a number of large institutional projects, but also enjoys closely collaborating with clients on smaller   residential and commercial projects.  Sary is a perfectionist with an eye for detail and keen ear for listening to clients needs.